The Symmetrize Spring Maintenance Reminder


The snow is gone! Birds are chirping! The BBQ is working! That’s right – Spring is here!

While we are all excited to spend more time outdoors, do not forget that this is an important time to reassess your home. In the same way that winter is tough on your car, it has a strikingly similar effect on your home. Basic home maintenance tips are offered below. Please contact Symmetrize if you would like a comprehensive home assessment.

  • Check perimeter of the foundation to ensure proper drainage of melting snow and water
    • Add soil to any low spots to ensure water runs away from your home
    • Examine foundation walls for cracks, leaks or signs of moisture
    • Inspect windows and doors for loose or cracked caulking and replace where required
    • Check eaves troughs and downspouts for proper attachment to your home, clear any blockage and ensure water flows away from foundation
    • Re-level exterior steps or decks which may have moved significantly due to settling or frost
    • Inspect window screens for openings and repair where required
    • Check smoke, carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries
    • Examine the sump pump before the spring thaw sets in
    • Replace furnace filter
      • Note: this should be done monthly, especially if pets are in the home
      • Inspect dehumidifier and clean if necessary

If something looks “off” it should merit further attention. Take a photo, email it to us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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